Introducing Brookfield Fans!

Image Credit – Hallmark Channel

Hey y’all – welcome to this fun new blog!

First of all, let me quickly introduce myself. I’m Joy Caroline – some of you may have come from my main website right over here. But if you haven’t met me yet, a big welcome to you!

As you can tell, this is a fan blog for Hallmark’s show When Hope Calls, which is a spinoff series of When Calls the Heart. I actually watched Season 1 only last week. I’m usually pretty skeptical of spinoffs, since they tend to feel like just washed-up versions of the original show, LOL. But I had heard lots of good things about WHC, so why not try it? I do love my Hallmark shows – they’re basically the only TV I ever watch anymore. XD So I watched it – and I absolutely LOVED it!

After watching, I had an idea: It would be fun to start a blog for other fans of Brookfield. As you know, we haven’t been renewed for a Season 2 yet, which is super sad. (But don’t lose hope – I recently heard that Hallmark is working on a plan!) So while we’re waiting, why not chat about a good, family-friendly show?

This summer, I’ll be posting weekly about WHC. I’ll be doing Season 1 episode recaps every Friday. It’s a hobby of mine to share my thoughts about TV shows I love, so I hope you enjoy that. Subscribe to the blog to tune in to weekly discussions about WHC. 🙂

You can follow Brookfield Fans on Instagram right over here, and on Twitter right over here.

Yeah, that’s basically it. Next Friday, June 11, I’ll be posting my first recap. We’ll be talking about Season 1, Episode 1. Mark your calendars!

See ya next Friday!


Published by Joy Caroline

Joy Caroline is a fifteen-year-old Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, Biblical/historical/contemporary fiction writer, and poet. She loves Jesus, St. Paul, the family of Christ, theology, and tiramisu. Her work-in-progress is a novel about St. Paul from his sister's perspective. JC also adores reading, especially her two all-time favorite books - Les Misérables and To Kill a Mockingbird. Friends are some of the greatest blessings in her life. You can connect with her at her website,

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